“SisterFriends” with Fancy Patrice & Keke


Fancy Patrice (Brittany) and KeKe (Kenyatta) have joined forces to discuss some of the toughest topic life has for us on their podcast “SisterFriends”. Since bursting on to the scene, this dynamic duo has covered topics that hit home for us twenty-somethings. “SisterFriends” has become the perfect listen for advice on how to balance work and your personal life or how to manage and save your coins.

Confidence, fortitude, and positivity are just a few attributes that describe these remarkable women. Their journey through life is inspiring and deserves recognition. Tackling the daily test and trials of this world is not easy but, their podcast will teach you how to do with grace and poise. These two friends turned sisters have created the perfect recipe for a successful future. Be sure to follow them through what the world throws at them on each episode of “SisterFriends”.

Podcast link: SisterFriends


“QueenDomSized” February Feature

Hear ye, hear ye ! Dominique Johnson has arrived.


The moment Dominique announced that she was officially launching her blog, I was more than ready. I’ve been a fan of her work for quite sometime and to know that she was ready to take it to the next level had me excited.


Photo Credit: Dominique Johnson

The Greensboro, NC native officially launched her blog QueenDomSized in January and it has been nothing short of amazing. Although her blog is relatively new, her work goes beyond the age of her blog. Dominique expresses her “vivacious” voice through a variety of great reads that are sure to have you glued to your screen. You could consider her blog as a one stop shop for all things music, lifestyle, entertainment, and anything she wants to get off her chest.

Dominique gained rave reviews on her popular post “How to Stop Being Friendly to F**k Boys.” She gives a detailed recipe on the best f**k boy repellent on the market. Afterall, her goal is for all women to accept themselves for who they really are with no judgement. Don’t take my word for it, go read it for yourself.

“How to Stop Being Friendly to F**k Boys.”

Follow Dominique and her jaunty collection of writings by subscribing to her blog. 2017 looks bright for Queen Dominique and her new kingdom so, adjust your crown and enter the royal thoughts of her Royal Highness.

To read more from Dominique visit her blog: QueenDomSized


“Letters to Eight” Vol. 2


“The Secret”



I was sort of a loner here but, I happened to befriend a girl from North Carolina. She was cool. We became friends just by sitting together at practice. She was starting to become a person that I could actually confide in but, I didn’t tell her about Eight. I just preferred to keep things private. It was easier that way. It was going on three months since I told Eight that he was the one I had a little crush on but, getting to know him without everyone knowing wasn’t easy. I didn’t want anyone to know I had a thing for him because my privacy had already been violated before I even made it to the school. It wasn’t going to be an easy task because Eight was a social butterfly. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. He was just that type of guy. Fun, easy to talk to, and a loyal friend.

“Before transferring here you promised no friendships and no getting emotionally invested with anyone. Just class, practice, graduate, and leave. That was the deal. Now look at you.” I said to myself.

Something in me wanted to play this out to see what might happen. You never know what the future may bring. He might be the one. Neither of us had declared that this was a relationship. He was ready to make things “official” but, I was still very reserved. Opening up to him wasn’t something that came easy for me but, I was trying. There was nothing wrong with him. Being reserved with my feelings was a defense mechanism.

Thanksgiving break was coming up and there was talk about a party before everyone left. I was encouraged to go by my new friend so I could mingle with the people that I saw on a daily basis. After all, I couldn’t avoid them forever. Going to the party couldn’t hurt ? I would just stand in the corner and pretend to drink a cup of whatever was handed to me. Not expecting to socialize very much, I just threw something random on and headed to the party with my new found friend.

To my surprise the party was cool. It wasn’t what I was use to back home or where I transferred from but, it was cool. Everyone was having a good time and the drama was kept to a minimum. I stood in the corner letting the light from my phone illuminate my face as I kept myself occupied on something else other than watching people dance. Then he walked over.

“You look lonely and bored.” He yelled over the music.

“Hardly.” I replied.

He gave me a look that my answer wasn’t convincing so, he decided to chill in the corner with me. This would have been an ideal time to have a great conversation but, that was impossible to do over the intense sound of music blaring from the speakers. Instead we exchanged glances and rocked to the music. Then out of nowhere, he kissed me. It completely caught me off guard. I mean , it wasn’t the first time we’ve kissed but, it was the first time we showed that we even knew each other outside of saying hello in passing.

After finding out that I was into him, we made an agreement to act like we didn’t know each other on a personal level to keep people out of our business. We both knew that the large group of people we shared a space with on a daily basis was filled with a lot of drama that neither of us wanted to be associated with. I stood there for a moment trying to process what just happened. I didn’t want to scream over the music so, I pulled out my phone to text him.






Then he kissed me again. I took a quick second to survey the room and he was right. It seemed like everyone was too drunk to even realize what was going on around them. We spent the rest of the night chilling in the corner exchanging glances.


The party was coming to an end and it was time to go our separate ways. I caught a ride with someone else. You could consider her a big sister figure because she was always looking out for everyone. Instead of getting dropped off at my dorm. I ended up packed in a car with several people I didn’t know on my way to a local food spot that reminded me of a Coney Island back home. I was keeping it chill but, everyone was interested in getting to know why I transferred and what I was all about. I kept the conversation basic and short, then he walked in with his brothers. He looked at me and smiled. All I could do was smile back and laugh at the fact that everyone was clueless about him and I. He sat with his people and I sat with mine. Every now and then I would catch him looking my way. Maybe coming to the party wasn’t a bad idea. After all, I did get to see him.


The ride back to campus was quiet. Everyone fell asleep in the car from the mix of alcohol and food. I was playing back the events from the night and realizing that I actually did have a good time. Maybe I could be a little more social. Then out of nowhere the girl that was always looking out for everyone said,

“I saw ya’ll in the corner.”

“Saw who ?” I replied trying to play it off.

She gave me that you know who look. Well, our cover had been blown. I Immediately started preparing myself mentally for the extra BS that could come with him and I becoming a “thing” that we hadn’t even made a “thing” yet. He came with a lot that I wasn’t sure I was ready for. He was very social and in an organization on campus. It would be almost impossible to have a low-key relationship with him. All I could do was sigh.

“He’s my brother. Ya’ll secret is safe with me.” She said.

To be continued.

Devotion For Anyone In Need


Photo Credit: Meagan

“Haven’t I commanded you ? Strength ! Courage ! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.” Joshua 1:9


We all have moments in life where the load we carry seems like it’s just too much. Moments where we feel like we just can’t go on. Discouragement looms over our lives like a dark cloud and we feel we have no where to turn. We often find ourselves running towards a future that seems unreachable, when we aren’t paying attention to how much we have already accomplished.


Have you ever just stopped, took a breath, and looked back on everything that has gotten you to the point where you are now ? In this moment, think about all of the strength and courage it took to move every mountain that has already been placed in your path. The best part about looking back is that you survived. Many times we go through something and we feel like we can’t make it through because we forgot what it takes to overcome obstacles. Yes, we made it through but, then we sweep it under the rug, forgetting what it took to get us through the first time.


We become easily distracted by new problems that it makes us easily discouraged. We feel like we are alone and no one understands the journey we are on but, we have to remember that through it all God is with us every step of the way. Where we are going in life may be undefined and yes it won’t be easy. Yet, one thing I can guarantee is that God’s plan for you in this season is never wrong. We have to be still and trust that through all the chaos, through all of the tough times, and through anything that life throws at us; we will not be timid because God is with us through every mark we make on this earth.

“Don’t get off track, either left or right, so as to make sure you get to where you’re going. And don’t for a minute let this Book of Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and mediate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going, then you’ll succeed.” Joshua 1:8

It’s been TOO long !!

Yo what’s up everyone !!!

I know. I know. Where have I been ? I have been working on a huge project with a friend of mine. Plus I have been getting serious with my YouTube channel. A lot of things are changing in my life and I am trying to find a balance. Between my projects, starting my own business, and preparing for my wedding. There just isn’t enough time in the day. But, have no fear, I am here.

Let me bring you all up to date on the things that I have published lately. I started a new series on my YouTube channel called Tau’s Top Five. It’s where I give a list of any of my top five “somethings”. It could be anything, you never know with me. Below I have posted the latest videos from my series. I hope you all like them. Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE. Thanks and see you on the webs.

Tau’s Top Five Vol. 1


Tau’s Top Five Vol. 2



“Letters to Eight”

“And Then There Was You.”

16176552925_2f95608315_qPhoto by: George Thomas

I loved the idea that God sat us at the right table, at the right time, so I could ask for your number. It was an idea I had been pondering on for weeks. I knew you wouldn’t make the first move because I shown no signs that I was “feelin” you but, I was. Plus, you always joked with me saying “You’re the girl from Jackson State.” As if I wasn’t like everyone else or I was off limits. I paced in my dorm room the night before contemplating about how I would make a move.

“I’m too grown to be feeling scared.” I said to myself.

Besides, what was the worst that could happen ? I knew what rejection felt like and I wasn’t scared of it. So, pull up your big girl pants and go for it.

My first attempt failed during a water break on the practice field. Your friend made himself a third wheel during our conversation on the sideline and before I could get to the point to ask you for your number, it was time to hit the hole.

“Damn him.” I silently yelled.

I could’ve punched him for blocking so hard. Like he didn’t see us in the middle of a conversation before he conveniently walked over and interrupted us but, I was the “new kid on the block”. No one was ready for the real me just yet so, I kept my composer. I made a pact that lunchtime would be the move. I knew it would be a slim chance that we would sit together and spark a random conversation because you always sat with your section and I usually sat alone. I decided to just approach you on my way out of the café.

God was on my side because I looked up and you were asking could you join me at my table. “Join me ?” The lone wolf with a plate full of fries, a cup of apple juice in one hand and music in the other.


We talked for a minute then we sat in silence after being joined by a few members of the band talking about their prospective “future” boyfriends. How perfect. I thought as the conversation carried on. How perfect for of all the times I sit alone and no one joins me, it would be today that someone does. I decided I would be a bit bold and join the conversation they were having.

“I like someone too.” I said joining in.

“Who?” my fellow section member said.

You sat there pretending not to listen to anything we were saying so, I decided to test you.

“Yea, he’s in the percussion section.”

“Who ?” You asked questionably.

I didn’t want to put all of my business out in the open and immediately say it was you so, I played it cool.

“Some dude that plays tenor drum.”

The look on your face as you counted everyone in your section made me laughed. It was priceless. It also made me frown a little because you didn’t include yourself.

“What’s his name ?” You asked me.

Now all eyes were on me to give the name of the person that was sitting right across from me. I didn’t want that kind of spotlight being the newbie and everything so, I stalled. I had to think of a way to tell you it was you without the whole band knowing at the same time.

“I’ll text it to you. Maybe you could hook us up.” I said. Wanting it to be a secret.

Without hesitation or any thought that it could be you, we exchanged numbers before we went our separate ways. About half way to my room, I received a text from you asking who was it that I liked in your section and I replied back,

You. The person is YOU.

To Be Continued.

“5 Things That Help Me Battle Depression”

It’s no secret. I’ve been through some intense life situations that could make the strongest person want to lose it.  I get asked all the time, how is it I am able to stay so positive when I have every excuse to walk around miserable and depressed about life? Besides my strong faith and prayer, it can be challenging. Even the strongest prayer warrior has moments when they just can’t take it anymore. Those moments where you feel you need more than just someone to talk to. It’s at those times where we feel the most vulnerable, broken, and depressed.

Life as a twenty-something can be a bit much and the smallest thing can get us in a head space where we feel everything about our life is wrong. Over time I have learned different strategies to keep me focused on what it is I’m trying to accomplish in life without being derailed by negative thinking. I have put together a list of different things that help me stay positive and battle depression. Some may not work for everyone and that’s fine. The goal of this blog is to give you an idea of how to comprise your own tactics that can help keep your mind moving in a positive direction.

  1. Just Breathe.
2702422_b70713a7c4_zPhoto by: Rob

Simply taking a breath and gathering yourself when you find yourself in a negative head space can do wonders. By breathing, you are allowing your body to communicate to your brain to SLOW DOWN. You can see things clearer by taking a step back and view the reason why your down in a better way.

2. Food

15800085776_b19bcc3e64_nPhoto by: Michael Stern

Food is no stranger to those who battle with depression. I don’t know about anyone else but, food makes me happy. Having one of my favorite meals whenever I’m down or depressed always lifts my spirits but, you have to remember not to take it too far. Binge eating isn’t healthy so if you’re going to use this tactic, be sure to be smart about it.

3. A Day of Nothing.

3008411753_996e525522_mPhoto by: Jonathan Lin

That’s right. Nothing. No agenda. No ideas. Just get in the car and go. Stay at home and just chill. My favorite is just leaving the house. You would be amazed how the blank slate of doing nothing can help you think straight. It’s the perfect way to change your thinking.

4. Binge watch old school TV.


Photo by: Jennifer James

I’m talking about all of your childhood favorites. Nothing makes me laugh more that binge watching “A Different World” or some old episodes of wrestling. Reliving those old memories reminds me about how much just being me is enough.

5. A Prayer Book.

7064964081_2d983f7df9_nPhoto by: Meagan

I started a prayer book almost a year ago. It’s nothing fancy, just a little book that I got at a women’s retreat. I randomly got the idea during a leadership meeting at my church. We were talking about the different ways people learn. I shared that I am the type of learner that absorbs information better if I can see it. I thought maybe that strategy could help me with depression by writing my prayers in a book so that I could see them. This would give me the opportunity to actually see what’s troubling me and realize that it didn’t matter because God has it. Whenever I feel that way again, I can refer back to my prayer book and see how I got over it the last time.


I hope this list helps the next time you are stuck in a rut. This blog is the first of many to come in my new series called Tau’s Top Five. Be on the lookout for more of my top five “something’s” to make it to my vlog this SEPTEMBER !!!


See you on the webs !


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